Propane Scale

The propane scale is a bluetooth device that provides a reading of the gas level in the tank by measuring its weight. By taking periodic measurements, starting from when a full tank is first placed on the device, the level of remaining gas can be determined by tracking the weight of the tank over time. As the gas is used up in cooking, the weight of the tank reduces until all gas has been used and an empty tank remains. The difference of weight between a full tank and an empty tank is the total amount of gas available to the user.


Features / Summary

  • Connects to your smartphone via bluetooth
  • Accurately tracks the level of propane remaining in the tank, and notifies you when the tank needs to be refilled or replaced
  • Predicts how long the tank will last based on previous and current usage behaviour
  • Detects and notifies you of possible gas leaks
  • Works with a variety of propane appliances (Grills, Heaters, Smokers, etc…)
  • Accommodates a large variety of tanks from 20 lbs up to over 100 lbs

Where can I get one?

The propane scale is currently in production, and not yet available for purchase. For more information please follow us on social media or contact us:

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